Volume 59, Issue 4

Russell County Education Association Donates $500 to the Local Educators Rising Group

The Russell County High School’s “Educators Rising” Group received a $500 donation from the Russell County Education Association (RCEA), to help with expenses for the group’s trip to Florida in June to compete will fellow students across the country. In its first year, four seniors completed the four courses that make up the Educators Rising pathway.

Educators Rising Kentucky is a career and technical student organization for middle and high school students interested in the field of education-related careers. As the state affiliate, it helps create a national network helping students build resources and create connections that can significantly impact educational opportunities through co-curricular and extracurricular activities. ​

Emmy Pratt, one of the four members who completed the coursework, believes the RCEA donation shows KEA member investment in future educators. “The donation gives us opportunities that will benefit us now, but later benefit the future of our community. We are thankful for the support,” she said.

We all greatly appreciate RCEA and their donation,” added senior Emma Grider. The support of active teachers is a huge motivating factor in allowing us to feel capable in our future as educators. They are aiding in the experience of Orlando for us, which we can never thank them enough for.”

The Rowan County group will take part in performance-based competitive events that demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and leadership in education. The competitions are authentic, engaging opportunities for rising educators to stretch their creativity, commitment, and professionalism.

Educators Rising was conceived to transform how America develops aspiring teachers. Starting with high school students, Educators Rising provides passionate young people with hands-on teaching experience, sustains their interest in the profession, and helps them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. The result is a pipeline of accomplished teachers who are positioned to make a lasting difference. You can learn more about it at the national Educators Rising site