T2 Program

The 2023-2024 Application Window will remain open as long as funds remain for this project. 

T2: Teachers to the Power of Two is a program developed by the Kentucky Education Association to assist KEA teacher members who are seeking opportunities to grow professionally. KEA designed Teachers to the Power of Two to help teachers foster a deepening of subject matter knowledge, a greater understanding of learning, and a greater appreciation of students’ needs.

Through the project, KEA will reimburse KEA teacher members who spend time working together, observing and planning joint strategies for solving classroom problems. KEA will pay participating teachers’ substitute, as well as travel expenses if necessary, up to $125.

Members may use the program to spend time with colleagues in their own school, within their school district, or in another district. Funding is available on a year-to-year, first-come, first-serve basis. When available funds are depleted for the current year, requests will not be authorized. Each participant may request one visit per year. Requests should be made at least two weeks but not more than one month in advance of a planned visit. Each visit must be approved and issued an authorization code. If no authorization code has been issued, KEA will not reimburse for the visit.

No visits will be approved retroactively. Visits should not be requested for the purpose of or use in curriculum alignment, curriculum development , district-required professional development or for attending conferences. If there is a question about the request for a T2 visit, the approval process will be delayed until the intended use has been clarified.

To apply for a visit, fill out the authorization request form.  Members will be assigned an authorization code. The authorization code, visit evaluation form, and expense reimbursement form will be emailed to you. Each member who participates in a visit will receive and should use that authorization code when submitting expenses.

When completing the school’s paperwork for a substitute teacher, please indicate on the form that KEA will be reimbursing that expense. The school district should send a substitute expense reimbursement statement to KEA T2 Program, 401 Capital Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601. Please indicate the authorization code for the visit on the request.