State Budget Information

During the 2024 Regular Session, the General Assembly will pass a 2- year budget, for fiscal years 2024-25 and 2025-26.  The state’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30.

Per the Kentucky Constitution, all budget and appropriations bills must originate in the House.  There are 4 parts to the state budget, and each part is presented in a separate bill:  the Executive Branch budget; the Transportation budget; the Legislative Branch budget; and the Judicial Branch budget.

Each part of the proposed budget will go through an extensive committee process in the House; once the House passes its version of each section of the budget, the bills will go to the Senate for consideration.  The Senate normally runs each section of the budget through its own committee process and makes changes.  Because both chambers must agree on identical versions of the bill, if changes are made by the Senate, the affected section of the budget will go to Conference Committee.

KY House of Representatives proposed 2024-2026 Executive Branch Budget. The Education budget begins on page 35

The Governor’s proposed 2024-2026 Executive Budget. The Education budget begins on page 35