Volume 58, Issue 10

Spring Membership Drive Drawing Winners Announced!

More than 400 new educators became KEA members last spring

Congratulations to the winners of our Spring New Membership Drive drawing! On December 1, we drew one lucky winner and the member-recruiter from each of our Uniserv Districts on Facebook Live. Both receive a $500 prize and will be presented a check soon!

Congratulations again to our new KEA members as well as to our current members who supported them in the smart decision to join the Kentucky Education Association!


Here are our Uniserv District winners:

District 1: Recruiter – Todd Terry; New Member – Gregory Tutt

District 2: Recruiter – Melissa Lutz; New Member – Kimberly Pride

District 3: Recruiter – Jennilin Long; New Member – Felicia Velotta

District 4: Recruiter – Heather Centers; New Member – Chelsea Morrison

District 5: Recruiter – Brandon Miles; New Member – Katelyn Carman

District 6: Recruiter – Marie Stevens; New Member – Julia Marshall

District 8: Recruiter – Amber Snell; New Member – Alexandria Howard

District 10: Recruiter – Susan Greene; New Member – Rachel Hall

District 12: Recruiter – Heather Henderlight; New Member – Amy Hammond

District 13: Recruiter – Rachel Mercer; New Member – Rikki Dressman

District 14: Recruiter – Tonya Branch; New Member – Amanda Campbell

District 15: Recruiter – Jodie Carnes; New Member – Hannah Allen

District 24: Recruiter – Melissa Plank; New Member – April Skaggs

District 25: Recruiter – Michelle Porter; New Member – Summer Sebastian

District 27: Recruiter – Amanda Turner; New Member – Douglas Hale