April 2024

Boone County Bus Driver Marcie Viox Named KEA’s Education Support Professional of the Year

Marcie Viox, a bus driver for Boone County schools, has been awarded one of the commonwealth’s most prestigious education honors—the 2024 Education Support Professional of the Year Award presented by the Kentucky Education Association (KEA).

As an Education Support Professional (ESP), Viox first priority is delivering her kids safely from their front doors to the school doors every day of school. She also ensures her students understand bus safety rules and feel safe and welcome on her bus routes. Viox also leads students as the Goodridge Elementary basketball coach for 4th and 5th grade girls and serves on Boone County school’s Transportation Working Group and Transportation Committee.

“Marcie has a great rapport with all the students, parents, staff, and fellow bus drivers,” said Beverly Daniels, a fellow Boone County bus driver and KEA member. “Her willingness to go above and beyond to help everyone out says a lot for her big heart.”

As a member of Boone County KESPA (Kentucky Education Support Professional Association), Viox is an important ally to fellow employees and a strong advocate for joining the union. She previously served as Kenton County KESPA president for 11 years. Since joining Boone County, she serves on the BCCEA (Boone County Classified Education Association) board, as KESPA secretary, and on KEA’s board of directors.

“Marcie will without hesitation approach fellow employees and explain all the benefits of membership and is one of my go to people when I need to reach out to members within the transportation department to address issues,” said Charlie Bufano, president of BCCEA. “Marcie constantly advocates for ESP rights and the respect all ESP’s deserve. Her work within the school district and our local has been invaluable.”

Viox also shows that ESP’s can reach out to help and make a positive difference in a student’s life, and that the work of classified employees—bus drivers, custodians, food-service workers, paraeducators, and office staff—is vitally important to students and the public education system. “She is always there for the children she works with, and they would often come to her when they needed an adult to talk to,” said Cheryl Decker, a fellow bus driver.

Viox is a past recipient of the WOW (What Outstanding Work) Award, is trained in CPR and first aid, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from NKU. She wears her passion for her students and her profession on her sleeve.

“As a school bus driver, I love my job and the children who ride my bus,” said Viox. “Every Christmas, I make handmade gifts for all my elementary kids and at various times during the year, I have pizza parties as a reward for their good behavior.

“I love listening to my bus kids tell me about their day at school and social lives. They make me laugh all the time. I like to think I help them start their day with a positive attitude and am there for them at the end of their day to get them home safely,” she said.

“Marcie embodies what education support professionals bring to our public schools every day in every school district across the Commonwealth,” said KEA President Eddie Campbell. “She is dedicated and involved with her students, school, community, profession, and her union. And she works to make each of them better. She is deeply deserving to be awarded the KEA ESP of the Year award.”