Smart Pay

Questions?  Below is a List of Frequently Asked Questions.

What is KEA Smart Pay?

KEA SmartPay offers members alternatives to payroll deduction.  You now have the option to pay your membership dues by electronic funds transfer or credit card. 

Why switch to Smart Pay?

It’s convenient and you choose your own way to pay.  You decide the schedule of payments. There’s no need to have your employer involved in your financial decisions.  And, it’s the same way you probably already pay for other reoccurring items like internet service, streaming services, car insurance, etc.

Where can I find my Membership Number?

If you need help locating your Membership ID, click on “Member ID Look Up” at the top of this page, or send a message to and we can help look up your number for you.

What if my address has changed?

To sign into the SmartPay portal, existing members need their KEA member number and the zip code we have on file.  If your address has changed, try using your former zip code to get into SmartPay.  Then go to “Update My Information” at to update your member record. 

When will my payments come out?

You get to decide! 

If you select the electronic funds transfer option, you can pay on the same schedule as your school district payroll or you can pay all at once.

 If you want to pay by credit card, you can make four payments (October, November, January, February) or you can pay all at once. 

All dues amounts are prorated for the remainder of the membership year based on the date you change your payment method or initially join KEA.

Where can I find my Routing number / Account number?

This information is on the bottom of your printed checks.  Routing numbers for specific banks/credit unions are public information and can be found on the internet.  Your individual account information is on your checks, or on your banking app, or on your bank statements.

Do I have to switch?

Because of the passage of SB7, as of March 29, 2023, KEA can no longer collect membership dues by payroll deduction.  SmartPay makes it easy to implement a different payment method to ensure your continued membership in KEA.