June 2024

Vote NO! Constitutional Amendment 2 on ballot in 2024 is bad for KY public schools, communities and educators

Vote NO!

Constitutional Amendment 2, on the ballot in 2024, is bad for KY public schools, communities, and educators

Protect Our Schools KY coalition brings KEA, student, and a parent organization allies together to fight passage of public dollar giveaway.

On November 5, a dangerous “voucher” Constitutional Amendment (Constitutional Amendment 2) will be on the ballot in Kentucky. If approved, this amendment would drastically impact our public schools by giving the legislature free rein to send as much public money as they want to unaccountable private schools.  They propose to accomplish this by “notwithstanding” seven sections of the Kentucky Constitution that establish the legislature’s obligation to provide a quality public education for every child in the Commonwealth. 

As educators and public-school employees, we must stand united to defeat this dangerous constitutional amendment. KEA is starting that work by participating in a coalition of public education stakeholders and allied organizations called “Protect Our Schools KY”.

The Protect Our Schools KY campaign kicked off with a statewide tour beginning May 23 in Hazard, KY, where teachers, parents, administrators, superintendents, and students shared the same message: public money should not be funneled to unaccountable private schools at the expense of the public schools that serve all students and make our communities strong

Protect Our Schools KY also hosted regional events in Paducah, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Lexington, Ashland, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky over the past two weeks to help engage educators, parents, students, and the communities to defeat the amendment.

KEA encourages all members to join in the fight to defeat proposed Amendment 2, which poses an existential threat to Kentucky’s public schools. Here are a few ways to get started:

Affirm your support for public schools and pledge to Vote NO! on the voucher amendment.

Download the Protect Our Schools KY Toolkit to show your support for your public schools and spread the word.

Keep up with the campaign by following and sharing on social media:

Donate – A small donation of $5 to the campaign will go a long way in helping to ensure public money stays with public schools.

Kentucky’s public school students already deserve better than they’re getting from the legislature, and Amendment 2 will just make that worse.  Please do whatever you can, whenever you can, to let the legislature know that we won’t give them permission to ignore their obligation to our schools.