2022 Legislative Session

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KEA Opposes Senate Bill 1



The newly proposed Senate Bill 1 creates fewer opportunities for input from parents and educators in our communities and creates new and unnecessary levels of red tape at the local level. As written, SB1 will slow down progress and reduce local self-rule in our schools.

Since the landmark education reforms of KERA in 1990, School Based Decision Making Councils (SBDM), have been a recognized national model to engage stakeholders (parents, educators, and administrators) in local control of school governance and decision making.

Senate Bill 1, in its current version would:

  • Remove authority of the SBDM council to select principals and instead give superintendents ultimate authority after “consultation” with councils.
  • Remove authority of the SBDM council to set curriculum, select textbooks, instructional materials, and student support services. SB1 places this authority with the Superintendent after consultation with the council.
  • Eliminate council self-rule to make hiring decisions that reflect the best interests of the individual school.
  • Require the alignment of council policy with local board policy.

Passage of Senate Bill 1 will devalue the input of key local stakeholders like parents and teachers in the decision making for their schools. The legislature should not enact measures that limit opportunities for parents and educators to make the best decisions for their children and students in their local community public schools.