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KEA has advocated for Kentucky's public schools, children and families for more than 150 years. KEA members work together to promote, protect and defend public schools and the education profession. At the state and local levels, KEA actively works to secure and protect salaries, benefits, job security, retirement benefits and the right of a quality public education for every student. Choose from the membership category below to join KEA today.

If you are a current member of KEA and wish to pay dues from your bank account using Electronic Funds Transfer please have your KEA member number available and visit

Choose Active if you are a full-time certified or classified employee.
Choose Associate if you are not employed in a school system and want to support KEA's mission.
Choose Part-Time if you are a certified or classified employee who works 50% or less.
Choose Previous Student if you were a member of the KEA Student program and this is your first year of full time teaching employment.
Choose Reserve if you have been granted a leave of absence of at least six months but no more than two years and were an Active member in the Association.
Choose Student if you are a pre-service educator in college.
Choose Substitute if you are employed in as a substitute in the school district.

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