Voting Information Election 2023 FAQs & Dates


With Election Day only weeks away, it is vital that every KEA member is an #EmpoweredEducator and votes to support public education. Don’t miss the opportunity to let your voice be heard to promote, protect, and strengthen our public schools with your VOTE!

Here are a few easy steps to help you plan for Election Day:

  • Review your voter registrationBe sure to review your voter registration.  This will give you important information, including precinct information and access to polling locations.


  • Confirm your polling locations – No matter which method you choose to cast your vote – be sure to check your polling location.  Polling locations may have changed from previous years; in some counties, there may be fewer polling locations than there have been previously.  Be sure to know before you go.


  • Preview your ballotElections have a direct impact on our professions. It is important to know all of the candidates running for state constitutional offices before you go to the polls. You’re an education voter, so know each candidate’s stance on public education before you vote. Read your local paper, check individual candidate websites, and use reliable resources for information. Be a well-informed voter.

  • Sign-up for reminders – Don’t let election day pass you by. Sign up for voting reminders to help you keep to your plan to let your voice be heard.


  • Share your planLet others know the importance of voting by sharing your plan to vote.  Better yet, make a plan with colleagues in your worksite to #GoVote together!