Adult Learning Theory

Training Hours
2, 3, or 6

Delivery Method:  Live Training

Teaching adults is very different from teaching students. We help educators learn how to adjust their teaching style to be most effective for adults so they can maximize the time and experience they have in your training. This is an excellent training for Teacher Leaders that are wanting to help lead PLC’s and give presentations at conferences and training. In addition, this training is a requirement for any KEA Cadre Trainers before they are able to train. This training can be done in two (2) hour, three (3) hour, or six (6) hours versions. 

Request this Training
This training is presented as a live/ in-person event scheduled at a time and date of your choice.  KEA requires a minimum of 10 participants to conduct this training. 

If you wish to schedule please contact KEA’s Director of Professional Excellence, Michelle Grimes Jones,