Creating Emotional Balance and Resilience to Enhance Learning

Training Hours

Delivery Method:  Live Training


This training builds on the Brain Architecture Game: Trauma, Toxic Stress & Impact on Learning.  It is best to have had that training prior to this one. Participants will move beyond an understanding of why students react in a certain way and discover the “how” when it comes to helping students build resilience. They will better understand the Window of Tolerance and will be exposed to multiple strategies educators can easily incorporate into their day to day classes and use to build resilience, empathy, and connectivity with their students. 

EPSB Approval

EPSB approval issued 12/12/2022



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This training is presented as a live/ in-person event scheduled at a time and date of your choice.  KEA requires a minimum of 10 participants to conduct this training. 

If you wish to schedule please contact KEA’s Director of Professional Excellence, Michelle Grimes Jones,