The Kentucky Education Association is committed to working with educators to help create more culturally responsive schools.  The following are all the ways you can access training related to this topic.  We call it, "Leading Just School".  

Leading Just Schools- Culturally Responsive Teaching

1. Live Training Options

These trainings are currently conducted virtually during a scheduled time

There is a maximum of 40 participants per session

Training Dates: 

2021-2022 Training Dates Coming Soon

The entire training series is designed to be 6-hours and delivered in four parts.  

The Leading Just Schools Training is designed to help educators understand the needs regarding diversity, social justice, and equity as it relates to education. The purpose is for participants to work on understanding equity and to make plans to implement equitable practices in their classrooms, schools, districts, and communities.

Part I• What Is Equity

Participants will work on a group definition on the word equity and how that relates to education. After creating a growing definition of equity, participants will reflect on when and how they first interacted with members of society classified as “other” in some way.

Part II• Exploring Implicit Biases

Participants will reflect on implicit biases and prejudices they had previously or may still have as members of their communities. As part of this, participants will reflect on what is privilege and what privileges they have as a part of their lives.

Part III• Exploring Privilege

Participants will work through how their privilege established their own personal lives. While everyone can have struggles in life, some struggles are specifically tied to races, religion, orientation, and disability. Microaggressions and their effects will be explored in this section.

Part IV • How Did We Get Here; Where Do We Go

Participants will learn the history of how systemic oppression was built into both public education and American Society. Participants will work on how to take this information and implement change in their classrooms, schools, districts, and communities.


2. Recorded Webinar Option

We have several recorded webinars approximately 1 hour in length.  

Cost: FREE

3. NEA Micro-Credentials- Restorative Practices Set 

Cost: FREE to KEA members

$75 for non-KEA members 

Micro-credentials are competency based and take approximately 15 hours to complete. 

They are intended to be done over 6-8 weeks to show growth and competency in the content area.  

These would be excellent PLC studies for schools or small groups of educators.  


If you have an questions you may contact Michelle Grimes Jones, KEA's Director of Professional Excellence at