Online Professional Learning

Are you looking to access quality Professional Learning or take a remediation course?

Kentucky Education Association has Partnered with the Professional Learning Board to offer on-line, self-paced Professional Learning options for educators.

They take approximately 5 hours to complete and meet all the standards for Professional Development in Kentucky. 

Professional Development

According to KRS 158.070, teachers are required to earn 24 hours of PD credit every year. Schools provide six of those hours and teachers may take online professional learning credits for the remaining 18 PD credits. 

What criteria meets the requirements for Professional Development in KY? courses may be used to meet state requirements for Professional Development in Kentucky.

According to 704 KAR 3:035, “Professional development” means professional learning credit that:

  • Aligns with standards and goals
  • Focuses on content and pedagogy
  • Occurs collaboratively
  • Is facilitated by educators
  • Focuses on continuous improvement
  • Is on-going

You may also need to get verification from your principal, school administrator, superintendent or director. has professional development, continuing education and staff development for schools. 

How do I maintain and renew a teaching certificate in Kentucky?

The Education Professional Standards Board of Kentucky, Division of Educator Licensure and Quality provides the following application process for five year certificate renewal. Teachers must complete at least three (3) years of classroom teaching during the last five-year period of the certificate OR six (6) semester hours of additional graduate credit.

Questions? Contact Renew a Teaching Certificate from Professional Learning Board: