Member Developed and Lead Courses

These courses are developed and delivered by KEA members throughout the state.  They consist of past TALK Conference Presentations that have recieved positive feedback.  If you are interested in these courses you may contact the trainer directly in order to schedule a training in your area.  It is typical that the requester offer a small stipend and expenses for the presenter.


Important information:

  • Each professional learning training lasts approximately 1 hour and has previously received EILA credit approval from KDE as a part of the Let’s TALK session.
  • If you are interested in any of the following trainings from our catalogue, click the name of the trainer to send an email request.  All trainings are arranged completely through you and the listed trainer.
  • The cost of trainings should be arranged between the trainer and the person(s) or school district requesting the trainer. NOTE:  It is customary for the trainer to receive a $100 Stipend and mileage costs for their time and commute.