Home Stretch Training


Home Stretch Training -Peer Entry Review

(Live via Zoom

During each three (3) hour session,  candidates will bring a draft copy of their work in one (1) component area.  Candidates will work with like-certificate candidates (when possible) to provide and receive feedback on their work.


 $40 for KEA Members

$100 for non-KEA members

Virtual Training Dates:

These sessions are for 2022-2023 Candidates

April 29, 2023 AM Session (9-12)

April 29,2023 PM Session (1-4)

May 6, 2023 AM Session (9-12)

May 6, 2023 PM Session (1-4)



Component 1 Training

During this three (3) hour training candidates will be guided through the process of taking the NBCT assessment in a testing center.


 $40 for members 

$100 for non-KEA members

Virtual Training Dates 

May 20, 2022

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