Cohort Support Groups


KEA – NBCT Cohorts can be accessed by participating in one of KEA’s Jump Start Sessions.  


Virtual Cohort Support Group 

During these cohort group meetings you will be lead by and NBCT in a small group setting that meets virtually based on your groups schedule.  You will be guided through a curriculum intended to help you through the process of your National Boards.  These groups will meet eight (8) to ten (10) times during the candidate cycle for a total of sixteen (16) to twenty (20) hours of support. 


** You must attended a NBCT/KEA Jump Start in order to take part in a virtual cohort.  The content covered in the cohort will build upon the pre-requisite knowledge attained in our Jump Start sessions. **

Cadre’s Begin

January, 2023

View our NBCT Jump Start Training Session Dates Here