School Vouchers/Education Tax Credits

School vouchers, “education opportunity accounts.” “education tax credits,” are all names for structures that divert revenue away from public schools and other state programs for the benefit of private schools. Some programs do that directly (true vouchers), others accomplish the same goal indirectly, through tax credits for contributions made to “scholarship” or “opportunity” programs.  Regardless of the structure, KEA opposes all school voucher schemes.

Again, two bills have been filed to create private school vouchers in 2022. HB305 and SB50.

After the 2021 General Assembly passed HB563 (a school voucher scheme disguised as a tax credit) by a 1-vote margin, KEA worked with NEA, the Council for Better Education, individual school districts and individual parent plaintiffs to mount a legal challenge.  We were successful at the trial court level; on October 8, 2021, Judge Shepherd issued a Final Order holding the tax credit provisions of HB563 unconstitutional.  You can read Judge Shepherd’s decision here.  The litigation is not over; we fully expect the voucher proponents to file an appeal.

See how your Represenative and Senator voted on HB563

Printable map of KY counties without any private schools (based on 2018-19 data)

Printable map of KY private elementary and middle schools, by county (based on 2018-19 data)

Printable map of KY private high schools, by county (based on 2018-19 data)