2023 TRS Nominating Committee: Nominations are now open!


Each year, active TRS participants across the state elect twelve members to serve on the TRS Nominating Committee. Service as a Nominating Committee member is an opportunity for active participants to support the efficient governance of the pension system. The only requirement is that you be an Active contributor to the TRS pension system.

The elected members of the TRS Nominating Committee serve a 1-year term and meet in late January or early February of the calendar year immediately following the date of the election. At that meeting, the TRS Nominating Committee will review the credentials of persons who have expressed interest in being elected to the TRS Board of Trustees and will select two well-qualified candidates to be placed on the ballot for each vacancy.

If you are interested in being elected to serve on the TRS Nominating Committee, please click here and complete this nomination form by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, November 15, 2022. TRS will confirm your eligibility and will conduct the regional elections for Nominating Committee members through the online Pathways portal during December.