On September 19, 2020, the KEA Board of Directors adopted the following resolution:

For over 150 years, the Kentucky Education Association has worked to lead the Commonwealth to a just and equitable society through public education.  KEA is committed to the elimination of institutional racism and racial injustice in our association, schools, and communities.  This commitment is rooted in our sound belief that all Kentucky citizens have the right to be respected, supported, and live in a free and just society.  As Kentucky educators, we see and feel the effects of childhood trauma in our classrooms every day; for children of color, that trauma is often rooted in the ever-present and unrelenting impact of institutional racism.  KEA believes that no person should be devalued or marginalized because of the color of their skin.  

Be it resolved that:

We, the members of the Kentucky Education Association, acknowledge the existence in our state of racial injustice and institutional racism.  We define institutional racism as the societal patterns and practices that have the net effect of imposing oppressive conditions and denying rights, opportunity, and equality to individuals or groups based upon race, whether that denial is intentional or unintentional. These institutional inequities manifest themselves in our schools and in the conditions our students face in their communities.

In order to address institutional racism and racial injustice, the Kentucky Education Association shall lead by:

*     Spotlighting systemic patterns of racism and educational injustice that impact students and educators, and;

*     Taking action to enhance racial equity and justice through access and opportunity for students and educators in the Commonwealth.

KEA will use our collective voices to bring to light and influence change to policies, programs, and practices that condone or ignore unequal treatment and which hinder the success of students and educators of color.  KEA will do this by:

*     Providing supports to KEA local affiliates to dialogue internally and with the external community and develop plans of action to address institutional racism and racial injustice;

*     Partnering with a coalition of community and educational stakeholders on programs, campaigns, and actions to eradicate policies that perpetuate institutional racism and racial injustice in the public education system in the Commonwealth;

*     Convening groups of young people to gather their perspectives to inform our work and the work of others (education stakeholders, policymakers, etc.);

*     Allocating resources and providing assistance to local affiliates to lead and partner with on-site projects that expand the work of the Association on issues of institutional racism and racial justice.

Call to Action:  KEA calls on all Active, Retired, and Aspiring Educators to commit to building a new future free of racism for the Commonwealth of Kentucky by acknowledging and dismantling institutional racism, eradicating racial injustice and fostering a culture of anti-racism and racial equality within every Kentucky public school and community.