See Poverty... Be the Difference: Breaking Poverty Barriers to Education

Presented by: Communication Across Barriers with Dr. Donna Beegle
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Most of the training and research on poverty are conducted by people who have not lived it. Dr. Donna M. Beegle brings an insider perspective as well as a doctorate in Educational Leadership, along with 30 years of research and working with educators in all 50 states to break poverty barriers. 

Sessions & Descriptions


The series is broken down into three overarching content areas (topics) for a total of ten modules. It is recommended that they be taken in order for the deepest learning. This online series intended for teachers, staff, leaders, and community partners who are seeking to deepen their poverty-informed knowledge and practices.

  • TOPIC 1: Educating Students Who Live in the Crisis of Poverty:  What Works from the Perspective of People Who Have Lived It
  • TOPIC 2: Teaching, Learning, Communicating, and Relating More Effectively Across Poverty Barriers
  • TOPIC 3:  BluePrint for Change:  You Can Be A Leader 
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