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KEA Ethnic Minority Scholarship - The 2019-20 application deadline has passed.  Please watch this page for 2020-21 scholarship opportunities.

 Kentucky’s public schools are made of a diverse population of students.  KEA believes it is important that we have a highly qualified and diverse faculty and staff that is reflective of the population of our state, our students, and our public schools.  Currently, educators of color comprise only 5% of the Kentucky teaching population, while the state has a 13.7% ethnic minority population.  (According the to the U.S. Census Bureau) Consequently, many students of color may never see a role model at the front of the classroom who looks like them.  

Last year, KEA established the KEA Ethnic Minority Student Scholarship program.  The scholarship structure is progressive, meaning that a successful applicant who maintains their eligibilty from year to year may receive up to four consecutive years of financial support.  During the initial year of the program, KEA funded 8 scholarships, two for each academic year.  

A successful Freshman applicant who remains eligible during their undergraduate studies can expect to receive $5000 dispersed over four years as follows:

Freshman (Year 1) -- $500

Sophmore (Year 2) -- $1000

Junior (Year 3) -- $1500

Senior (Year 4) -- $2000

This scholarship is open to any person who self-identifies as an ethnic-minority and who is pursuing a degree in Education. The recipient must be enrolled full-time in an accredited educator preparation program in a Kentucky college or university.  If successful, the recipient will be asked to submit proof of enrollment in the educator preparation course of study each semester.  

In addition to providing financial support, one of the KEA Ethnic Minority Directors will mentor the recipient throughout their educational career. The mentorship program provides immediate and continuing support for the recipients throughout their higher education experience and into their career as an educator.  


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