Issues & Action - Raise Your Hand Campaign - Weekly Activities

KEA encourages each local association to sponsor the same activity each week of the campaign. However, we also encourage you to be creative and think of additional ways to get the message across in your community that school funding must be increased.

KEA suggests that local activities be planned for Fridays of each week. But again, feel free to exercise creativity to gain local visibility for the cause for school funding.

A first priority should be to meet with your superintendent, give him/her a Raise Your Hand button and ask to speak at the next local school board meeting, giving each board member a button and inviting them, the public and the local media to join activities in support of increased school funding. Raise Your Hand buttons and stickers will be available from KEA field offices.

Once your school or local does an activity, send a picture of your activity and a few lines about how it worked to KEA and we’ll post them on

Weekly Activities KEA Suggests Local Associations Sponsor in Every Kentucky Public School

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