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Central District Retired election
July 19 - 26
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Bullitt County Voting
July 13 - 15
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NKEA Election
June 8 - June 10
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KEA Fellows Application 0  Comments

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The KEA Fellows Program was created in 2013 to foster and mentor emerging leaders in our association. At KEA, we believe that leadership is not only a gift but a right. In order to be the “preeminent voice in public education” in Kentucky, it is imperative that we are guided by energetic and passionate leaders who understand the mission of KEA and the value of great public schools.

Becoming a KEA Fellow involves a commitment not only of spirit but of time. Fellows will be mentored by the KEA Executive Committee and immersed in learning the duties and responsibilities of KEA Leadership at all levels. Fellows will have the opportunity to attend local, state, regional, and national experiences in the association. There will be an emphasis on studying leadership styles and opportunities to foster and develop those styles. Within the electronic application, is a detailed contract that outlines the expectations of the program.

The time commitment for this program varies. The expectations are that each Fellow will attend at least the 2 face-to-face meetings in Frankfort that occur on Saturdays, and 1 national conference that will require you to miss one day of school. Other activities will require some extra time but are completed on one’s own schedule.

Before you begin:

Candidates will be expected to answer the following questions as part of the application process.  (Each question is limited to 350 words per response.)

Q1:  WHY is KEA membership important to you?

Q2:  WHAT are your future leadership goals and HOW do you see yourself accomplishing these goal?

KEA Aspiring Educator Assembly
Registration closes May 28
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KEA Aspiring Educator Assembly

May 30th, 2020 via Zoom


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Check out our new KEA Member Seal! 0  Comments

Check out our new KEA Member Seal! Show your pride in KEA by downloading it and using it on your social media outlets and email correspondence! Stay Proud KEA Members!

You can also use the seal to help direct potential members to join KEA via email! Here's how:

-Download the seal and insert the image into the body of an email.
-Right click the seal, select "link" or "hyperlink", and insert the following link into the form:

This makes the image "clickable" and directs potential members to the new membership form.  



Check out our new KEA Member Seal! 0  Comments

Check out our new KEA Member Seal! Show your pride in KEA by downloading it and using it on your social media outlets and email correspondence! Stay Proud KEA Members!


Check out our new KEA Member Seal! 0  Comments

Check out our new KEA Member Seal! Show your pride in KEA by downloading it and using it on your social media outlets and email correspondence! Stay Proud KEA Members!


KEA Spring Membership Offer!
Limited Time

If you are a Certified or Classified employee and not a KEA member this is for you! You can sign up as a new member now and pay no dues until September 1, 2020.

Teachers' Retirement System
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NEA RA election assistance
March 1 - April 17

Voting information for the NEA RA election is available in the February edition of the KEA Newsletter, however, if you need any assistance, please call 866-384-9978.  Please note, the phone number listed in the KEA newsletter regarding the election is not in service.

The website address for the election is

Note: This election does not apply to Aspiring Educators or Retired members

2020 Respect Conference
Register today!
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2020 RESPECT Conference 
Rising Education Support Professionals Excelling in Careers Together

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Join us for Kentucky’s premier professional development academy for Education Support Professionals. 

KEA is excited to offer this opportunity to all of Kentucky’s Education Support Professionals (classified school employees).  There is a $25 registration fee but at the completion of the conference, KEA ESP members will receive a $75 reimbursement to cover registration and travel costs. For more information about becoming a KEA member, click here. Anyone who would like to register who does not have an email address should call 606-546-9211 or 877-893-1091 for assistance. 

Community service project: Donations will be accepted for a local Family Resource Center at to be accepted on the 13th and presented to a representative at lunch that day. 

Tentative schedule: Each professional development session at the RESPECT Conference will be approximately an hour long. Participants will be able to attend one session from the morning block and two sessions from the afternoon block. 

Overnight accommodations may be made for Friday, June 12th with the following hotel.  Hotel reservations will not be reimbursed by the KESPA/KEA District. Please contact the hotel directly to make reservations. The room block at Hilton Garden Inn is available until May 22nd at a rate of $159 per room, king rooms only available. The address is: 

A picture containing clipart

Description automatically generatedHilton Garden Inn
203 Commerce Dr
Elizabethtown, KY 42701


June 13, 2020 8: 00 AM – 4: 45 PM


John Hardin High School

384 W A Jenkins Rd

Elizabethtown, KY 42701


Heather Gibson



Aspiring Educator NEA RA Nomination Form
Deadline March 27th
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KEA Aspiring Educator NEA RA Nomination form


Any member of the KEA Aspiring Educators may nominate him/herself as a candidate for election as a delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly to be held in Atlanta, GA, July 2 through 6, 2020.  Election as a delegate to the NEA RA includes attendance at the NEA Aspiring Educator Leadership Conference, which will occur in Atlanta June 29 to July 1. 

Every nominee must be a member of KEA Aspiring Educators. Deadline for nominations is 5:00 p.m. eastern, March 27, 2020.  Only nominations submitted through this form will be accepted.

The number of delegate positions will be based on the KEA Aspiring Educator membership as of March 15, 2020.  At this time, KEA expects the Aspiring Educators to have three (3) delegates.  If the number of nominees exceeds the number of available delegate positions, an online election will be conducted beginning 6:00 a.m. on Monday, April 13 and ending at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, April 17.  

Elected delegates to the NEA RA will receive a stipend from KEA to offset costs associated with attendance.  All delegated must submit a completed voucher, with appropriate receipts, within 60 days of adjournment of the NEA RA.  All elected delegates must attend all Kentucky caucus meetings and business sessions.  Please see KEA Board policy 3.2 for more information. 

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SB 7-Site Based Council Reform

TRS Board of Trustee nominations
Deadline February 7th at 5pm
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TRS Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for one (1) open active teacher seat for the Teachers’ Retirement System Board of Trustees. Nominations are open to any active (currently employed and contributing) TRS member.

Nominations are due no later than 5:00 pm (Eastern Time) February 7, 2020

The TRS Nominating Committee is accepting nominations for one (1) open active teacher seat on the TRS Board. Nominations will be accepted through 5:00 pm eastern on February 7th, 2020. Any active TRS member is eligible to be nominated (or to self-nominate) for consideration by the committee. All nominees’ status as an active annuitant will be verified by TRS. Nominees who meet eligibility requirements will be reviewed by the committee and two (2) candidates will be placed on the ballot. In April and May 2020, active and retired TRS members will participate in an election to fill the open position on the board of trustees. Voting will include the option to vote electronically through the Pathway member self-service portal on the TRS website.

Nomination Form

Elected members of the TRS Board of Trustees serve a 4-year term. State law requires the Board of Trustees meet on the third Monday of March, June, September and December. (Special meetings are called when needed.) All TRS Board of Trustee meetings are held in the boardroom of the Teachers’ Retirement System of Kentucky, 479 Versailles Rd., Frankfort, KY, 40601.


Day of Learning
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Day of Learning - Tuesday schedule

Day of Learning - Thursday schedule