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Win one of four, $200 scholarships for submitting the best lesson plan within a unit that incorporates diversity. Entries must be submitted on the official form and received no later than February 1, 2019.

Diversity is a priority concern for NEA/KEA and an integral element of work toward reducing the achievement gaps between and among different groups of students.  Through the lessons you teach you move your students from intolerance, bigotry, and impatience toward acceptance and celebration.  Share with others how you do it.

Entries must be mailed to: KEA, 401 Capital Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601,  Attention: Lesson Plan Contest  OR entries may be emailed to  All entries must be received by close of business February 1, 2019.

Lesson Plan Contest Winners for 2017-2018

Visual Arts & Collaboration -- Robin Tillman, Eastern Elementary, Henry County Education Association                     
Love Conquers All -- Nicole Servizzi, Erpenbeck Elementary, Boone County Education Association
Do People Get to Choose Where They Live? -- Ryan Lewis, Woodford Co. High, Woodford County Education Association
Barrier Breakers -- Delena McGuire, A M Yealey Elementary, Boone County Education Associaiton

Lesson Plan Contest Winners for 2016-2017

Secession Focused Inquiry - Ryan Lewis, Central District
Creating Art & Design That Can Affect Social Change - Janis Kirstein, Central District
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage - Sam Northern, Third District

Lesson Plan Contest Winners for 2015:

Silhouette Self -Portraits - Laura Medley Schneider, NKEA
Black History - Steven Riley, Central District
Sense of Place - Ryan Lewis, Central District
Multicultural Awareness - Samuel Northern, Third District

Lesson Plan Contest Winners for 2014:
   Greek City-States and the Rise of Democracy - Jenny Cotton, Jefferson County 
   Worse Than Slavery: the Success of Reconstruction - Ryan Lewis, Woodford County, Central District
   Heritage and Culture - Daniel Parks, Fayette County, Central District

Lesson Plan Contest Winners for 2013:
    My Friend, Martin - Stacey Davis & Marina Jenkins, Second District Education Association
    To Each Their Own Ladder - Crystal Culp, First District Education Association
    All About We - Laura Medley Schneider, Northern Kentucky Education Association

Lesson Plan Contest Winners for 2012:
    The Meaning of the 4th of July - Crystal Culp, First District Education Association
    African American Unit - Elizabeth Mikowski, Fourth District Education Association
    One War, Many Prespectives - Sam Northern, Third District Education Association

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