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KEA Statewide Officer Elections Sub-Sections

General information about elections held at the Delegate Assembly

  1. Statewide KEA officers include:  KEA President; KEA Vice President; KEA Ethnic-Minority Directors at Large (2 seats); and NEA Directors (2 seats).
  2. The schedule for statewide officer elections is set out below.  NOTE:  This schedule assumes all current office holders complete their elected terms.  Special elections may be held in off years if a vacancy occurs.

  3. Any Active member of KEA in good standing is eligible to run for statewide office.  Active members who wish to run for NEA Director must have been a member of NEA for at least two (2) years preceding the election.
  4. All candidates must complete the "Candidate Filing Form" and must submit it to the Chair of the Compliance/Constitution Committee.  Candidates cannot begin campaigning for office until the Chair of the CCC receives the required form and delivers a copy of the election rules to the candidate.
  5. Candidates may declare their intent to run for office no earlier than the delegate assembly held the year before the election will occur.  The latest date any candidate may announce is January 15 of the election year.

Officer election policy, candidate summary financial form, in-kind donation report form, revenue report for, travel report form, and chargeable expenses report form are available through the dropdown menu at the top of this section.

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