KEA-Retired is the KEA affiliate for retired teachers and other school employees. KEA-Retired addresses the interests and needs of a growing number of retired professional educators. These retirees, who have spent their careers helping children learn and looking after the needs of others, now enter a new period of challenge, adjustment, and possibilities. KEA-Retired is there, helping with the transition, a bridge between the teaching profession to which they have given so much, and the needs and opportunities of their new life in retirement.

KEA-Retired provides assistance and information to those active members contemplating retirement. Retirees receive helpful information, publications, benefits, and an active organization to address important issues related to retirement security. KEA-Retired, in cooperation with KEA and NEA, is an effective lobby in Frankfort and in Washington, DC to address issues important to retirees. Join the mailing list to receive newsletters and legislative information via email. The KEA-Retired governing board is democratically elected by KEA-Retired members.

For more information contact Kathryn Whitlock, or KEA-Retired President Brenda McGown at the KEA-Retired office at 1-800-231-4532.

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KEA-Retired/Tom Denton Memorial Scholarship  This scholarship is awarded to a college junior, senior, or MAT candidate attending a Kentucky College/University.  The scholarship is funded by KEA-Retired Educators who are interested in supporting Aspiring Educators. The recipient will receive a one-time scholarship of $800 - $1000.  Preference will be given to students who are KEA Aspiring Educator members, plan to teach in Kentucky, have an outstanding academic record, show evidence of financial need, and have family members who are members of KEA or KEA-Retired.  Application and supporting documents must be received in the KEA-Retired office by January 10th, 2022.  Click here to download the application

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