House Committee on State & Local Government, March 29, 2018

State Rep. Jerry T. Miller, Chairman of the Standing Committee on State & Local Government of the Kentucky House of Representatives, called his committee together on short notice and introduced for their consideration a single piece of legislation: SB 151, a bill dealing with the delivery of wastewater services, for which Rep. Miller had new language. None of the Democrat members of his committee had seen the House Committee Substitute for SB 151, let alone had time to read it, and they reacted with surprise and anger when they learned SB 151 was to become the vehicle for reviving Senate Bill 1, the pension bill that had been presumed dead since March 9.

House Floor Debate on SB 151 (HCS 1), March 29, 2018
Having been railroaded through the House Committee on State & Local Government with little in the way of discussion or debate, SB 151 (HCS 1) Was introduced on the floor of the House just an hour later.

Senate Floor Debate on SB 151 (HCS 1), March 29, 2018
SB 151 (HCS 1) was approved by the House of Representatives by a vote of 49-46 and then went immediately to the Senate for consideration there.

Senate Bill 1 is 289 pages long.  Please read the bill carefully and use the resources below to provide feedback to your legislators. Senate Bill 1 because a committee substitute to SB 151 on 3/29/18.