The General Assembly normally passes a 2-year budget, which means that we should be in the middle of the 2020-22 budget cycle.  However, because the 2020 Regular Session was cut short, and because the legisature didn't know the impact that coronavirus would have on the state economy, they only passed a 1 year budget in that session, which means they must pass a 1 year budget during this short session.  That's highly unusual, and because they are meeting during an odd-numbered year, they only have 30 days to accomplish that goal.

KEA 2021 Budget Priorities

Per the Kentucky Constitution, all budget and appropriations bills must originate in the House.  There are 4 parts to the state budget, and each part is presented in a separate bill:  the Executive Branch budget (HB192); the Transportation budget (HB193); the Legislative Branch budget (HB194); and the Judicial Branch budget (HB195).  All budget bills are already in Conference Committee.