KEA Spanish Learning Project

The Kentucky Education Association (KEA), in partnership with the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE), is seeking educators (both certified and classified) to participate in a program designed to equip them with new Spanish language skills to help address opportunity gaps created by language barriers. Selected participants will receive 80 hours of private Spanish language instruction over a two-month period. 

The program, called Grammarless, is provided by the BaseLang language school. Upon successful completion of the program, participants who fully engage should be able to hold a brief conversation in Spanish on general, everyday topics. In addition to the lessons, participants will be asked to complete interviews and surveys to provide feedback on the experienceThe selected participants will receive the program at no cost.

Due to the limited number of spaces available in this pilot program, participants will be selected through an application process with priority given to educators who need the language skills and who serve high numbers of Spanish-speaking students.  Selected participants will be notified by September 30th.  There will be four cadres, with each assigned a start date beginning this fall.  An orientation will occur prior to beginning lessons.  For more information on the program please visit BaseLang or email Eddie.Campbell@kea.orgClick here to apply today!



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