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Job Description

Professional Staff Position

POSITION TITLE:                            UniServ Director

DEPARTMENT:                               Affiliate Relations

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:          Assistant Executive Director Richard Mullins

EMPLOYEE GROUP:                      KEASO Bargaining Unit

LOCATION:                                     Eastern Kentucky (Prestonsburg/Hazard)

HOURS/STATUS:                            Full Time / Permanent

The Kentucky Education Association is seeking applicants for a full-time UniServ Director to support all categories of KEA’s membership out of its Prestonsburg and Hazard Field offices.

General Description of the Job:

The UniServ Director assists local affiliates and individual KEA members in organizational and program development designed to: increase and maintain association membership; implement the mission, vision and strategic goals of the Association by supporting the articulated programmatic priorities; strengthen and improve the welfare of members; and enhance the public education climate for members and for their students.

KEA Mission and Vision:

KEA is the preeminent voice for quality public education.  We unite, organize and empower our members to advocate for themselves and to ensure a quality public education for every Kentucky student.

Association Values:

  • Advocacy: uses effective, meaningful communication and action to promote the interests of school employees and public education
  • Collective Action: works together to achieve common goals
  • Integrity: demonstrates sincerity, trustworthiness and reliability
  • Professionalism: directs sound judgment, empathy, and high standards
  • Respect: consistently values individuals and their contributions
  • Unity: lays the foundation for a strong association through shared vision

Essential Position Responsibilities:

Membership Recruitment and Retention: Develop and/or implement programs and activities to increase and maintain KEA membership.

Support Organizational and Local District Goals: Coordinate and advocate for KEA/NEA programs and priorities with locals and the members in those locals. Develop and/or implement political action, community/public relations, legislative support, and professional development activities and programs. Improve and maintain the organizational health of KEA locals through leadership training and development, internal communications, business management, and conflict resolution. Work with locals in development and implementation of their political action plans. Support and assist the elected leaders and representatives in carrying out the full range of their activities.  Assist local associations in developing and implementing programs of member advocacy with particular emphasis on leadership development, negotiations, contract administration/grievance processing, organizing, public relations, human relations, legislative and political action, instruction and professional development and member rights activity.

Advocate for Member Rights: Advocate for the rights of KEA members through collective bargaining, grievance processing, and other means. Develop and/or implement programs in member’s rights and human relations. Assist and represent members in dispute resolution and other employment related concerns.

Operations Management:  Maintain regular office hours at assigned work location.  Attend meetings of locals, districts, and the state Association, as appropriate.  Provide for regular two-way communications between the state, national, and local association membership.


Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree required, advanced degree desired
  • Demonstrated experience in member and issue organizing, membership promotion and development, and political action required


Technical Competencies:

Coaching/Mentorship: Helps members to acquire the awareness, confidence, and resources necessary to fulfill their potential within the association.

  • Acts as a role model and example to others
  • Assists, supports, and encourages others in identifying difficulties, prioritizing tasks, defining goals (i.e., developing a local organizing plan) and producing positive results
  • Employs and encourages a feedback process
  • Identifies and demonstrates supportive coaching behavior
  • Identifies effective strategies for modifying behaviors and attitudes
  • Recognizes and encourages performance excellence
  • Shares expertise and provides informal advice

Ethics Knowledge: Possesses a clear understanding of the boundaries of acceptable activity within one’s role and acts to ensure that the organization’s interactions with members and others remain above reproach.

  • Integrates federal and state statutes, regulations, policies and procedures with the purpose of recognizing ethical issues for which advice should be sought and knows what action to take including contacting ethics advisors and proper parties
  • Maintains a comprehensive working knowledge of related statutes, regulations, policies, and procedures affecting assigned areas
  • Understands and applies knowledge of, and promotes compliance with, appropriate statues, regulations, policies, and procedures

Facilitation: Impartially guides individuals or a group with an overall goal of reaching consensus, solving problems or accomplishing tasks.

  • Effectively distinguishes process from content
  • Encourages divergent viewpoints to ensure final solutions are varied
  • Establishes clear goals and purpose that outline the objectives
  • Evokes participation and creativity from others
  • Exhibits behaviors and techniques that enhance the quality of group processes
  • Guides a group with an overall goal of reaching consensus, solving problems or accomplishing tasks
  • Interjects and diverts group to the goals of the session

Labor Relations: Understands and demonstrates knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, case law, principles, and practices related to school employees in Kentucky.

  • Applies knowledge of consensus building, negotiation, coalition building, mediation, and other non-adversarial problem solving approaches to resolve problems between members and school management
  • Provides support and assistance on school employee employment matters such as work schedules, time and leave, performance evaluations, etc.
  • Identifies, evaluates, and recommends options to school employees and management, when possible, to solve complex problems and issues.
  • Assesses member circumstances, offers appropriate advice and assists in preparation of grievances, evaluation appeals, written responses to disciplinary action and requests legal assistance as appropriate
  • When working with a bargaining local, reviews, translates, and negotiates union proposals, counter proposals, and settlement agreements

Project Management: Completes procedures, documents, forms, reports and/or budgets that are essential to the day-to-day operations of a group, project, or program.

  • Adheres to policies and procedures, including timeframes, for all milestones and requirements
  • Answers and/or researches project-related questions
  • Completes project documents and tasks
  • Keeps managers aware of the status of projects being managed, including timeframes and document requirements, and key operational issues through formal and informal communications (e.g., status reports, e-mails, updates at meetings)
  • Ensures that individual projects are progressing on time, on budget, and on target
  • Develops a plan to ensure quality and manages project activities in a way that allows for an appropriate level of control based on role within a project
  • Evaluates performance by reviewing progress toward goals and operational plans and makes adjustments as needed
  • Identifies and analyzes environmental influences impacting a project
  • Identifies key stakeholders in a project
  • Maintains an awareness of potential high-risk practices and situations, and appropriately identifies, responds and alerts others to risks and issues as they develop

Training Program Administration: Promotes individual and organizational development through planning, designing, and managing employee development and training programs/services.

  • Continuously improves training programs
  • Disseminates program information
  • Evaluates effectiveness of training programs
  • Identifies and deploys program delivery strategies and methodologies
  • Manage equipment and materials
  • Manage facilities/training spaces
  • Schedule programs, staff, and participants

Other Requirements:

  • Demonstrated understanding of the patterns, trends and best practices regarding education policy
  • Demonstrated understanding of issue organizing and relational organizing
  • Demonstrated ability to efficiently use technology including working knowledge of basic office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), internet, email 
  • Willingness and ability to access and properly use NEA/KEA online member database and information systems
  • Willingness and ability to learn new technology
  • Willingness and ability to work nights and weekends and the ability to travel are essential
  • Valid Kentucky driver’s license
  • Ability to stoop, bend, reach, and carry light materials

The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of the work being performed by people assigned to this job.  They are not an exhaustive list of all duties and responsibilities associated with it.

Salary:  Salary and benefits are determined by the contract negotiated between the KEA Board of Directors and KEA Staff Organization. 

How to apply:  Qualified candidates should submit a letter of interest describing their experience in the areas listed in the job description, resume, reference letters along with names and contact information of three references, not KEA staff or leaders. 

POSTING DEADLINE: This job posting is for one open position and posted externally.  If you are interested in applying for this position, submit a letter of application, your resume and three references by Friday August 7th, 2020. Complete materials should be sent to Richard Mullins, Assistant Executive Director of Affiliate Relations at




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