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New NEA Resource - ESPs: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Student
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The National Education Association’s department of Education Support Professional Quality is currently working on a new resource called ESPs: Meeting the Needs of the Whole Student.
Students learn only if they are healthy and safe and are more likely to learn if they are engaged, supported, and challenged. 

NEA ESPQ is partnering with the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), a non-profit organization that is at the forefront of the whole child movement, on this new exciting resource.

Our goal is to illustrate how our ESP members meet the physical, emotional, developmental, and academic needs of our students.
If you have a compelling story about yourself or other ESP members who meet the needs of the whole student, please contact NEA ESPQ at  You, your school, and your students could be profiled in this new resource.  
We will be collecting stories over the next 2 months so respond immediately!
If you know of an ESP member who is actively involved in any of these type of activities and making a difference in students’ lives, please contact us!
•             Helping students with chronic illnesses and mental health conditions 
•             Asthma, Food Allergies, Diabetes, Epilepsy, HIV/Aids, Depression, Anxiety disorders, ADHD, Autism
•             Healthy Building Environments and Green Schools 
•             Indoor environmental quality, green cleaning, recycling etc.
•             Promoting Health and wellness
•             Bullying 
•             Cyberbullying
•             School Safety 
•             School Climate and Culture
•             Social and Emotional learning
•             Character building
•             Suicide
•             Self harming students
•             Substance abuse
•             Peer to peer assistance and mediation 
•             Children living in poverty or who are homeless
•             School nutrition and nutrition education
•             Expansion of school breakfast programs
•             Breakfast in the classroom; Grab ‘n’ go; Breakfast on the bus; Breakfast after the bell;                           Supper programs
•             Farm to School 
•             Obesity 
•             Working with LGBT youth
•             Working with migrant or immigrant children
•             Extracurricular Sports
•             Integrating physical activity in schools or the Let’s Move campaign
•             Meditation or Yoga for overstressed students
•             Civics
•             Community schools that are open for extended hours and open to families and community                 to provide an array of services and activities
•             Parent education
•             Staff Wellness
•             Innovative learning and teaching – Nature walks, class weather stations, or taking care of                     class pets!
•             After School programs – chess or homework assistance!
•             Common Core
•             Vocational education


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