Let Your Voice be Heard about Kentucky's New Standards
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The public debate on the Common Core has been overtaken by people who are far removed from the realities of the classroom.  Teachers, the most important voice in this conversation, are often left out of the discussion.  As we move on to implementation, it’s time to make sure teachers’ voices are central to how the Common Core becomes a foundation for deeper learning and more teacher creativity. 
Teachers across the country have created an “In My Classroom” YouTube channel to provide a window into how they are teaching to the CCSS (KCAS in Kentucky), the student successes they’ve seen, and how it’s benefited them as a teacher.  
What do you talk about? 
Here are two questions or statements to answer/complete in a video. You can choose just one or answer both.
1)      Common Core is making a difference in my classroom because…
2)      Critics of the Common Core State Standards are spreading misinformation.  What is the myth that drives you the most crazy and how do you respond? 
Teachers can also be creative, like teaching a quick lesson on how 6X4 was taught before the Common Core and how that lesson will be even richer with the Common Core.  
Tips and Tricks for Teachers
•    You can video yourself using your mobile phone, laptop or any other low-tech camera device. 
•    Do it yourself or have a friend or a fellow teacher film you sitting at your desk or wherever you feel most comfortable, in your classroom. 
•    Be yourself. You can be funny, passionate, angry—let the emotional piece of what you do, as a teacher every day, come through. 
•    Share your personal stories about life in your classroom. 
•    Please identify yourself in the beginning of the video: your name, your school, your state, and which grade you teach. 
•    Once the video is live, share the video with your social networks via Twitter, Facebook, or pin it on the Teachers on Pinterest page. 
•    Encourage fellow teachers to make their own short videos about the student successes and benefits to teachers they are seeing and experiencing after implementing the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. 
Once you finish filming your video, you can easily submit it by using WeTransfer on your computer.
1)      Go to www.WeTransfer.com and find the submission box on the left side of the page.
2)      Click “Add Files” to select and upload your video.
3)      Enter ccinmyclassroom@gmail.com under “friend’s email.”  
4)      Enter your email address under “your email.”  
5)      Click “Transfer” and then your video will be on its way to us.  
We will then send a YouTube link back to you.  Please email it to your networks, post it on your social media channels (using hashtag #inmyclass), and encourage others to upload similar videos. Please complete and submit this week and next, so that videos are live before March 14.