KEA Delegate Forms Due by November 30
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The 2016 KEA Delegate Assembly will be held at the Marriott Louisville Downtown, 280 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40202 April 6-8, 2016.

There is a separate form for listing elected DELEGATES and for listing elected ALTERNATES.  Please duplicate the forms and renumber each page accordingly.  View the Article III of the KEA Constitution and Bylaws that applies to allocations and seating of delegates.  If your local association does not plan to submit any delegates or alternates, please sign, date and return the not reporting delegates form.

Representation is based on one (1) delegate for each fifty (50) Active members or major fraction thereof in excess of the first fifty (50).  “Active” members must meet the definition set forth in Article II, B-2.1(b) of the KEA Constitution and Bylaws

When completing the enclosed form(s), Report of Election of Delegates to the 2016 KEA Delegate Assembly and the Report of Election of Alternates to the 2016 KEA Delegate Assembly (two separate forms), you must list delegates and alternates in the order of votes received.  If more than one page is used, please renumber the consecutive pages accordingly.  You may elect only the number of delegates to which your association is entitled; however, you may elect any number of alternates.  It is advisable to list as alternates all members who received at least one vote in order to ensure that someone will be able to attend if your delegates cannot.  Please complete ALL information requested on the report forms as this will be used for registration purposes.  Note that the forms request the “Membership Number” for each delegate or alternate; that number is different for each person and is printed on your KEA membership card.  The number is also available from your UniServ director or associate. 

Report form(s) must be returned to Valerie Leathers, Kentucky Education Association, 401 Capital Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601 or faxed to 502-696-8913 by the November 30th deadline mandated by the Bylaws.  For additional information contact Valerie Leathers at