KEA Young Professionals Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Conference
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The 2013 KEA Tips, Tricks and Techniques conference is an opportunity for teachers with zero to five years in the classroom to network with other public school teachers from across the Commonwealth and get free, high-quality professional development.

Tips, Tricks and Techniques is being organized by the KEA New Professionals Cadre, a group of younger KEA members working together to address the needs of all younger teachers. The conference will be held Saturday, October 26 at TK stone Middle School, at 323 Morningside Drive in Elizabethtown. There will be a plenary session with a keynote speaker, followed by ten "mini sessions," each one focusing on a single tip, trick or technique currently being practiced in Kentucky classrooms. EAch session will be led by the teachers who developed the practice or use them in their classrooms.

Attendees will earn four to six hours of professional development, and lunch will be provided free of charge. Register here.