Marshall Co HS Shooting
What should we say to our students?
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KEA leaders and staff have spent much of the day trying to learn details of the unfolding tragedy in Marshall County. We know that this kind of senseless, preventable violence will have a profound and lasting impact on the entire community, as was the case in West Paducah and too many other communities where students, faculty and staff have been assaulted.

KEA President Stephanie Winkler said, “We are saddened by the news from Marshall County. Our prayers and our thoughts are with everyone there who has been affected. Every student deserves a safe place to learn and employees deserve a safe place to work.”

KEA and NEA will continue to reach out to members, friends and colleagues in the Marshall County Schools to offer help and support through the difficult weeks and months ahead.

For now, as we wait for more information and for answers that may never come, there are many excellent resources available online to help us have conversations with our students and with our own children about tragedy, trauma and loss—and specifically about shootings in schools.

You will find them on the Parents & Community page of this website: