Boone County KEA Members Vote Here!
Election open January 28 - February 1
Tags: Online Voting 

KEA members of Boone County Education  Association will vote for KEA delegates in this online election. Voting will open at 6 am on January 28 and will close at 6 pm (eastern time) on February 1, 2019.

In order to vote, Boone County EA KEA members must visit and provide identifying credentials (i.e. last name, last four of your social security number, work county).  If your information does not match the information on file with KEA, then you will still be able to cast your votes, but your ballot will have to go through a verification process.  Once your information has been verified your votes will be officially recorded.  No one will be able to view your ballot at any time during the process. Your information is protected using the most current industry standard.


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