Professionalism - National Board Certification - KEA National Board Seminars

National Board Information and registration for 2016-2017 KEA seminars can be accessed by choosing  from the links below:

A minimum of ten (10) participants must register before a session is held. Registration closes one (1) week prior to the the registration date. If you choose a date and registration is closed you will not be able to attend that session.

Jump StartTwo and a half (2.5) day training covering foundations and all four components of NBCT. Registration fee $200 for members and $500 for non-KEA.

Jump Start Component 1 –  For those candidates that are only taking Component 1 you may attend this three (3) hour session.  It is strongly advised that you have completed a KEA Jump Start previously so that you will have a better understanding and preparation for this session.   Registration Fee is $40 for KEA Members and $100 for non-KEA members. Candidates receive test site information and test-taking tips and will be provided the opportunity for test practice.

Home Stretch Training - Peer Entry Review - Each session is three (3) hours.  Registration is $40 for KEA Members and $100 for non-KEA members.  Candidates will bring a draft copy of their work in one (1) component area.  Candidates will work with like-certificate candidates (when possible) to provide and receive feedback on their work.

Renewal Training - Each session is six (6) hours. Registration Fee $75 for KEA members and $125 for non-KEA members

Cohort Support - One two-hour (2) meeting per month for a total of five (5) meetings and ten (10) hours of support for the 2016-17 year. Registration fee $100 for KEA members and $200 for non-KEA. Meetings will be scheduled geographically by the support providers.  Please indicate your interest in cohort support by completing this form.