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Administrator members of KEA will elect NEA RA delegate
Deadline to enter is February 17
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The National Education Association (NEA) notified KEA on January 15 that because of growth in our membership numbers among public school administrators, KEA is again eligible to send an administrator delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly.

The 2017 NEA RA will be in Boston, Massachusetts, June 30 to July 5.

Administrators will vote in their own category in KEA’s online delegate election, which will run March 1 to 31 at  If you are an administrator member of KEA and wish to nominate yourself to be a delegate to the RA, please complete this form and return it to KEA Headquarters by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Friday, February 17.
Only the official nomination form (whether the original or a copy) will be accepted.  You must limit the biographical information you provide to 25 words or less.

KEA reserves the right to edit the information you submit for accuracy, spelling and grammar, and will include on the election ballot only the first 25 words of any submission. You may submit a photo with your nomination form, but that is not required. If you choose to submit a photo, a regular paper photo is acceptable; a photo submitted electronically should be submitted in JPEG format.

Properly completed forms may be submitted any one of three ways:  via fax to (502) 696-8915; via e-mail to; or via regular mail to Kentucky Education Association, ATTN: NEA Delegate Election, 401 Capitol Avenue, Frankfort, Kentucky  40601. All nomination forms must be received at KEA by the deadline. Forms received after the deadline will not be accepted. 


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