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October is National Bullying Prevention Month
Monday October 7, 2013

Bullying in our schools is at a tipping point, and while 48 states have passed bullying prevention laws it’s more important than ever that educators take a stand, and take action to prevent bullying.  Our students need more caring adults in their lives.  Our members—teachers and education support professionals—are primed to take a stand against bullying in schools. 

  • The myth that kids-will-be kids and bullying is a harmless rite of passage has lingered for too long. Research shows that persistent bullying inflicts measurable harm on many students. 
  • The side effects of bullying are many, and can be devastating.  Bullying can lead to a decline in academic performance and attendance and can cause physical illness, extreme psychological withdrawal and depression.  In the worst cases, bullying can lead to death.
  • We’re all accountable for student success, which is why educators take this issue so seriously.  So far, tens of thousands of educators have taken the bully free pledge.  However, school districts, supported by state departments of education, must also be held accountable to provide training and resources that will support our nation’s educators as they begin to tackle this important problem.
  • Educators are taking the pledge to put an end to bullying:
  • Teachers and education support professionals have made it clear that they want to prevent bullying, but they need training: training in their school district’s anti-bullying policy as well as in how to most effectively intervene in bullying situations and in how to help bullied students who come to us for help. 

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